Save the Country

Save the Country

About the Song

Roslyn Kind says, “It’s a real privilege for me to lend my vocals to this historic song.

Laura Nyro wrote and recorded the song Save The Country during a period of great political unrest.
The lyric is even more relevant today as many fight for freedom and justice.

While I was working on my version of “Save The Country”, my producer/arranger, Stephan Oberhoff, played a unique chord.

At that moment the Stephen Stills song, “For What It’s Worth” also came into my head. And an idea just fell into place.

So please join me and “Come On Down To The Glory River…”


Written by:
Laura Nyro (EMI Blackwood INc))

Track includes elements of “FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH”
Stephen Stills (Cotillion Music)

Lead Vocal:
Roslyn Kind

Background Vocals:
Roslyn Kind, Stephan Oberhoff, Kimaya Seward, Eric Butler

Featured Instrumentalists:
Katisse Buckingham (Tenor Sax)
Luis Mascaro (Violins)

Stephan Oberhoff, Roslyn Kind

Recorded, mixed and mastered at:
Full Circle Studio, (Pasadena, CA) by Stephan Oberhoff

Contains many sounds courtesy of

CD Cover Design
Visual Art by Francine Mendicino

Rozzie-Toon on the video created by 
Scott Clarke
Video created by
Paco Silva Sanchez
Thanks to the photographers from: