Light of Love

Light of Love

About the Song

This song is very near and dear to my heart as it reflects a period in my life of self searching within for answers of who I am , why I am…..the meaning my life holds…. And the feeling of there has got to be more to life than this.

I had been doing a lot of reading and when I heard about the coming of The Harmonic Convergence, I knew I wanted and needed to take part in it.
August 16th, 1987 the planets would be in complete alignment ushering in the beginnings of change in our awareness and perceptions of the world as it is. It is the coming together of people for a better future, better world of understanding, hope, compassion, forgiveness ..and LOVE for the higher good of ALL living beings.

The experience of my 4:00AM climb up Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona (one of the spiritual vortexes around the globe ) to welcome the sunrise along with the many different groups that gathered there, and at other spiritual points around the world, complete with the sounds of chanting from all directions seemed to uplift my soul…raise my spirit.

So here we are at this moment in time still searching for the meaning of self love and human connection. My wish for each and everyone of us is that this composition, reaches our hearts and touches our souls for everlasting peace, love and harmony throughout the world….and the universe.

“When you love somebody, it’s like a mirror into your heart
And it’s you and me giving llight for all to see.
I feel this moment touch a place inside of me
Where freedom soars through open doors, and once again I’m home”


Gene Reed

Cover Design:
Angelo Divino